Opportunities for using online mood boards for exploring ideas.

Collecting inspiration from a wide range of sources can really help students. This resource looks at some of the different opportunities there are online for creating digital collections of inspirational sources.

Online mood boards:

Within any creative course, inspiration is key. It is crucial for motivation, synthesis of ideas and understanding what is being created within contemporary culture.

Alongside traditional sketchbooks, many courses expect students to collect bits and bobs together in a single vessel or place in order to build a visual vocabulary or library of sources.

There are now many sites that allow students to collect sources from the wide range of creative sites available. This can be a great way for them to collect, and share, inspirational sources.



One of the biggest trends in collecting inspiration together in one location. As more people have signed up and made use of it, so the range of content also increased. It is a really wonderful way of “pinning” all sorts of inspiration together and sharing sources.

Mood Boards Online in Education for Art and Design


A great tool for collecting and organising ideas.


This site collects user submitted images of all kinds of design such as typography, posters, graphic design and packaging.

Mood Boards Online in Education for Art and Design


This is a really good site for aspirational designers who want to get feedback on their work or look at the kinds of feedback designers are getting. However, it can also be used in a similar way to Pinterest.

Mood Boards Online in Education for Art and Design



This site allows you to bookmark images from all over the web, rather than a specific topic such as design.

Mood Boards Online in Education for Art and Design

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