Concerned about introducing students to computers? This PowerPoint will help ensure best practice.

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All students will need transferable digital skills in order to progress into a creative career. But how can you make sure that they get off to a good start, make the most of learning and realise that computers are just a tool?

This is a PowerPoint presentation that you can use with your students as an initial discussion to make sure they treat computers like any other item of art equipment.

There are a few really frustrating things about trying to teach art and design subjects related to computers. The first is the hurdle related to the hardware and software such as computers crashing and losing work, or having to use different file types. These need lots of reminders and will soon become part of a student’s psyche.

Then there is the resistance that some students have towards computers themselves. In every class there will be one or two students that just think they don’t like computers and almost treat the hardware as an evil.

Other students might be absolutely obsessed with computers and won’t do any work unless it is on the computer. These students can’t see that computers might be part of a process and tend to rely on other people’s images, instead of producing their own source materials. Scariest of all, they can become reluctant to try anything else which means they need to step out of a comfort zone.

Others consider computers as a means of just producing commercial graphics. They feel that it can’t possibly be a form of risk taking and experimental media that could produce conceptual work.

This PowerPoint presentation is about cutting out all of those inhibitions and difficulties. Just by talking and emphasising a few points, you can really galvanise the excitement of the group about using computers in an effective and creative way.

Daniel Freaker Daniel Freaker Educational Consultant, Painter, Writer, Designer